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Why is it more interesting to choose an ALL INCLUSIVE package rather than separate services for your surfing trip?

When you plan your next surf trip, you find yourself faced with a crucial choice: opt for an all-inclusive package or book your services separately to try to save money. At Surf & Rise, we are convinced that our all-inclusive package offers a more advantageous and practical solution.

In this article, we will compare the two options to clearly show you the advantages (and disadvantages) of each offer. We will take our stay in Fuerteventura as a reference.

Option 1: All-Inclusive Surf & Rise Package

Our all-inclusive package offers a complete and immersive experience, including:

  • 7 nights in high-end accommodation with swimming pool

  • 5 surf lessons in French, with experienced surfcoach

  • All meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners) prepared by our private chef

  • Our personal development program (face value approximately €2000)

  • Airport Shuttles (Return)

  • Equipment and equipment for surfing, quality and very recent or new

  • Theoretical surf lessons

  • 7 sessions of body mobility and meditations

  • 1 welcome gift

  • 1 dinner at the restaurant

Total: from €1429

Option 2: Booking separate services

If you choose to book your services separately, here is what you can expect:

  • 7 nights in high-end accommodation with swimming pool: around €600

  • 5 surf lessons including surf equipment rental: around €250

  • Meals (shopping, snacks and restaurants) for one week: €300

  • Rental of a car for 1 week: €160

  • Gasoline for 1 week: €70

  • For comparison, 5 yoga classes: around €70

Total: +/- 1450€

When you carefully examine the two options, you will notice that, at equivalent cost, the all-inclusive package is more comprehensive in terms of services. On the one hand, booking services separately may seem to offer greater flexibility. You have the possibility to choose precisely what you want to include in your stay according to your preferences. However, this approach can quickly become tedious and expensive, because each added service represents an additional cost and a multitude of administrative procedures to manage. For example, you rent a vehicle but have the risk of not being satisfied, or worse, of having mishaps with it.

On the other hand, our all-inclusive package offers you a turnkey solution, thus simplifying the organization of your stay. By combining accommodation, meals, surf lessons, airport shuttles, and various activities, we have ensured that your experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Also, we negotiate little extras that you won't find anywhere else, such as cleaning wetsuits after surfing , or our famous welcome gift which contains magnificent products (but which we keep secret!)

Enjoy the pool instead of having to go shopping!

Enjoy the pool instead of having to go shopping!

What makes our all-inclusive stay even more attractive is the added value of our personal development program. This program is at the heart of our experience. You thus have the opportunity to benefit from personalized support for your personal development and well-being, without having to pay significant additional sums. As a reminder, our program has a face value of around €2,000 when you want to be accompanied by an outside coach.

But that's not all ! You will have the opportunity to make unforgettable encounters, which will last much longer than the duration of a stay, believe our experience!

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal preferences and priorities. If you are looking for simplicity, uniqueness of stay and substantial savings, our all-inclusive package represents the best option. In addition, our payment solutions in 3 or 4 installments without fees make our offer even more accessible, allowing you to spread expenses over several months.

At Surf & Rise, our goal is simply to offer you an exceptional experience! By choosing our all-inclusive package, you benefit from an unforgettable surfing experience, combining comfort, economy and high quality . Book your stay now and discover why our All Inclusive offer is the obvious choice for surf enthusiasts looking for a complete and immersive experience.


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