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Our history


We have known each other for more than 15 years, accomplices since our studies. We always dreamed of collaborating on a project. Raphaël launched his career in entrepreneurship, while Will evolved as an employee. After a few years, Raphaël moved to Paris, and works in a large group. As for Will, after 12 years as an executive in a start-up, he decided to change paths and place people at the heart of his daily life by becoming a professional coach.


Winter 2023, a crucial time for each of us after both professional and personal changes. We make a decision: leave together for 10 days to recharge our batteries. We wanted fun, sport, sun and good vibes. Surfing, a passion that we practice occasionally, becomes obvious to improve ourselves. We therefore choose the best spot in the Canary Islands, near Europe, and we take off towards the paradise of the waves.


These holidays were a real eye-opener for us. We realized that we wanted to offer everyone the opportunity to take the time necessary to take stock and free themselves personally, through a stay that combines surfing, personal development, exchanges and sharing. And all this in a privileged setting: sun, warmth and comfort.

Le déclic

Hiver 2023, un moment crucial pour chacun de nous après des changements tant professionnels que personnels. Nous prenons une décision : partir ensemble pendant 10 jours pour nous ressourcer. On voulait du fun, du sport, du soleil et des bonnes vibes. Le surf, une passion que nous pratiquons occasionnellement, devient l'évidence pour nous perfectionner. On choisit donc le meilleur spot aux Canaries, à proximité de l'Europe, et on décolle vers le paradis des vagues.


Ces vacances ont été un véritable révélateur pour nous. On a réalisé que nous voulions offrir à chacun la possibilité de prendre le temps nécessaire pour faire le point et se libérer personnellement, à travers un séjour qui combine surf, développement personnel, échanges et partages. Et tout cela dans un cadre privilégié : soleil, chaleur et confort.



THE coach

Professional coach, 35 years old and father of 2 children. I decided to spice up my life and give a lot of meaning to it all by placing people at the heart of my adventures. And how do I do that? By sharing with you during our camps to allow you to boost your daily life. With my skills in personal development, conflict management and management, I am here to guide you towards a better understanding of yourself. Surfing & Rise embodies the values that are dear to me: Benevolence, Action, Questioning, fun and good vibes in addition!



Creativity specialist, ready to make you vibrate! I am 34 years old and I am a real expert in the field. I love creating an environment conducive to the emergence of new ideas and bringing them to life.

But that's not all, I'm also here to introduce you to the joys of slow life and help you reconnect with yourself, gently. My thing is to share with you my best tips and unstoppable practices to stimulate your creativity.

And you know what ? I am a fervent defender of the values that give pep to my life: Abnegation, Benevolence, Respect, Authenticity.

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