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The surfskate: a beneficial practice to improve your surfing movements!

If you're an avid surfer looking for new ways to improve your moves on the waves, look no further! The surfskate is the secret weapon of surfers in search of perfection. This specific type of skateboard, with its fairly flexible front truck (the system that holds the wheels), simulates the sensations of sliding that you find on a surfboard.

Control your moves in style

The surfskate allows you to repeat surf-specific moves, even out of the water. You can practice radical turns, deep carves and aerial maneuvers without waiting for the perfect conditions. With the surfskate, you strengthen your muscle memory and improve your overall coordination. When you get back on your surfboard, you'll be confident and able to execute your moves with surgical precision.

Find the perfect balance

Surfing requires significant balance and stability. Thanks to the surfskate, you can intensively work on these crucial skills. The unique characteristics of the pivoting axle and the wheels of the surfskate faithfully reproduce the sensations of sliding and maneuverability that you feel on a wave. By training on a more stable surface, you can fine-tune your balance and strengthen the muscles needed to maintain your position on your surfboard. You will feel comfortable and your posture will be perfect to face the biggest waves!

Boost your coordination and responsiveness on the waves

Surfing requires fluid coordination between your upper and lower limbs, as well as quick responsiveness to read the waves and adjust your position. The surfskate offers you a fun and effective training to develop this coordination and this reactivity. By simulating the movements of surfing on asphalt, you teach your body to react instantly to changes in terrain and adjust your balance accordingly. Your overall coordination will be optimized and you will perform the most daring maneuvers on the waves.

Accessible for all riders, even beginners

The market offers a variety of surfskates ranging from affordable entry-level models (brands like Triton, NKX, Slide, Decathlon) to high-end boards for experienced riders (Carver, Yow, Smoothstar...) . The trucks are also more or less flexible depending on the brand with models like the more rigid CX, and the more flexible C7 that you will find frequently, although the brands develop their own models. If you are a beginner, opt for an entry-level board, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the sensations of surfskating without breaking the bank. Sizes generally vary between 29" and 34", and skates are generally more stable the larger they are. The average size is around 31/32" but depending on your size, a larger board size may be recommended.

Ready to get started?

The surfskate is the ultimate tool to improve your surfing moves and add style to your sessions. By repeating your surf-specific moves, developing your balance and stability, refining your coordination and responsiveness, you'll be ready to take on the waves with confidence and push your limits.

Small bonus: we offer on-site surfskate lessons during our stays, this will be an opportunity for you to try it out if you have never done one!


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